Holistic Dental Health Care

Have you thought of the concept of a ‘benevolent dictator’–ahem–dentist who told you what had to be done to your teeth?

Dentists, who practice holistic dentistry believe that it is essential for a dentist to listen, ask questions and seek to understand your dental situation and wishes. The initial dental discussion is experienced in a relaxed comfortable person-to-person exchange–not in the dental chair, tilted backward with the light shining in your eyes as if you are in an interrogation room.

Holistic dentistry consists of treatment that combines accurate diagnosis and planning for care while considering the elements of physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs of the individual. Holistic dentistry provides the education and information you need; and allows you the opportunity to choose options for treatment that you can feel good about.

The future of your total health can be compromised by the condition of your teeth, gum tissue and bones. Oral health is crucial to your well-being, yet it is easily neglected even with conscious effort to maintain good dental health.

Holistic dentistry includes Essential Oils to augment the treatment of gum and bone disease. You will notice careful consideration is taken to ensure that the time you spend is as comfortable as possible. Holistic dentistry uses only composite materials made of a plastic resin and a filler of finely ground glass-like particles. These materials can be blended and matched to the color of the existing tooth.

The procedure to fill a tooth with composites is more precise and takes longer to perform than an amalgam filling. These materials are bonded to the remaining tooth structure. This gives the filling a strong and secure attachment to the remaining tooth.

You might need to spend time searching for a holistic dentist, but in the end it is well-worth the effort. You can be assured the care you receive will be safe, effective and patient centered.

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Holistic Pet Care for a Healthier Family

With the popularity of holistic medicine for humans on the rise, the growing embrace of holistic pet care is understandable. Did you know that healthy pets are often given credit for helping to create healthier families? What is holistic pet care and how does it work?

Treat the whole pet (or person)

Holistic medical practices are based on the premise that the healing of the body and the enhancement of good health can only occur when the whole entity is included in the treatment plan. Each living entity is viewed as having an internal balance that needs to be maintained for optimal health.

Holistic care follows the belief that an animal’s body parts are interdependent upon each other, bringing about healing and good health when all of these components come together and function properly. If each of a pet’s organs, limbs, and brain work properly, the pet displays good health. When one or more of a pet’s organs or other body parts does not perform as it should, the pet becomes ill and typically begins to display symptoms of being sick.

Treat problems not just symptoms

Designed to treat the problem and not just the symptoms, holistic pet care practices treat the entire animal. Typically, the symptoms are examined in detail in order to assist with a proper diagnosis. Once the underlying cause of a pet’s illness is discovered, a treatment plan is created to deal with the source of the problem. The pet can then heal and become healthy once again.

If only the symptoms are treated, the underlying cause can remain and fester until it causes more harm to your pet. With holistic pet care, the animal’s symptoms disappear as the root cause is treated. The practice of holistic care of pets is designed to actually bring about a cure rather than simply make the pet look as though he is feeling better. Holistic care is designed to return the inner body back to a healthy balance while bringing about optimal performance through properly functioning body parts.

Peace at home

Several studies have led to the belief that family pets can influence the health and longevity of the individuals living in the home. If the family enjoys spending time with the family dog or cat then everyone will enjoy this sharing of time so much more when the pet is healthy. Less stress is involved when the family pet looks and feels well. Of course, it is possible that people who take good care of their pets also take good care of themselves. Why am I not surprised?

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